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ARCHIVE - Passport Control 1-41 - MEDIAWAVE Art Workshops :: PASSPORT CONTROL 9 - Pécs, October, 2008

PASSPORT CONTROL 9 International Music Workshops within MOVEAST International Film Festival (Pécs): International Blues Workshop, Folk Blues Workshop, MEDIAWAVE Undergound Workshop

This year too, MEDIAWAVE International Visual Art Foundation has been charged with organizing music programs at MOVEAST International Film Festival. The unique character of these additional programmes comes from the fact you won't only enjoy a series of concerts at the festival, but you can also follow step by step the work of the music workshops, where every circumstance is provided for the musicians to cooperate creatively with each other. MEDIAWAVE has been organizing music workshops for six years, earlier within its festival, later within its camps and other occasions. These workshops give the participants the chance to update their musical way of thinking, get to know each other and learn famous and less famous musicians' art methods. It can also help finding new ways of music by teaching different methods of composition, instrumentation, structuring bands, and getting new impulsion.

Pécs, 8-10 October, 2008
Guest teacher: Joe Fonda (USA)

International Blues Workshop will be realized by the leadership of the world-famous Joe Fonda. Fonda is an illustrious representative of the jazz scene in New York, who besides his own formations (From the Source, Conference Call, FAB Trio) has played in the bands of Anthony Braxton, Archie Shepp, Dave Douglas and Mark Whitecage. It is typical for his musical openness that he has tested himself in several genres, probably that's why he accepted with pleasure our invitation to the blues workshop, which means a new chapter's beginning for everyone who will participate in it.

Leader: Joe Fonda (USA) - doublebass
Emil Gross (AUT) - drum
Rácz Krisztián (HUN) - guitar
Patrick Zmugg (AUT) – bass guitar
Michael Jandrisevits (AUT) – guitar
Gunyhó Kolos (HUN) - guitar, harp
Dankowsky Áron (HUN) - guitar

11:00 – 14:00, 16:00- 19:00 training / common rehearsal
At nights: concerts & jam session
Closing concert: 22:00 8 October, 2008

Application deadline: 25 September, 2008
Required materials for the application:
- completed application form (including personal datas, short cv)
- photo of the applicant (jpeg)
To participate in the workshop you will need:
- your instrument,
- basic amplifier.

Participation fee: 160 EUR which does include training fee, accomodation and meal.

Application conditions:
You can apply by sending your fully completed application form to the following e-mail address: orsi@mediawave.hu

Pécs, 9 - 11 October, 2008
Folk Blues Workshop will be realized for the 3rd time in MOVEAST Film Festival. The first time it was organized in MEDIAWAVE Festival with the participation of several young and not so young musicians from Hungary and abroad, who were still enthusiastic for learning, playing music together with the leadership of György Ferenczi, well-known as the front man of such bands as Harfly Davidson and the Rackajam.
The workshop became popular among the audience, that's why it had another edition soon after the Festival: in MEDIAWAVE International Summer Art Camp, where György Ferenczi as the main teacher and other guest teachers from the Visegrad countries led the workshop's Hungarian and foreign musician participants.  The folk-blues workshop is still so dynamic, its third edition will be realized soon, in MOVEAST International Film Festival, with the leadership of György Ferenczi again.

Leader: Ferenczi György (HUN) – violin, vocal, accordion
Varga József (HUN) – guitar
Deák Gábor (HUN) – guitar
Árky Dávid (HUN) – bass guitar
Kovács Gábor (HUN) – drum
Váray László (HUN) – guitar
Csordás Veronika (HUN) - vocal
Apáti Ádám (HUN) – bass guitar
Pintér Zsolt (HUN) – mandolin, vocal
Kormos Levente (HUN) – guitar, vocal
Takáts Eszter (HUN) – vocal

Closing concert:: 11 October, 2008 Saturday 22:00

PÉCS, 9 - 12 October, 2008
Within MOVEAST there will gang up again (for the fifth time) MEDIAWAVE Underground Workshop as well. The workshop, which is a „product” of MEDIAWAVE International Summer Art Camp, will present its new show at the end of the workshop, in a closing concert on 12 October. You can find former founders of Másfél (Hegedűs László, Kalocsai Tamás) and members of the band Apnoé (Győr) among the participants.
Unique rhythms, exciting musical solutions coloured by changes.

Leader: Kalocsai Tamás (HUN) - drum
Takács Gergő (HUN) – guitar
Drapán László (HUN) – saxophone
Hegedűs László (HUN) – bass guitar
Hegedűs Csaba (HUN) – guitar

Public rehearsal: every day at  11.00
Closing concert: 12 October (Sunday) at 22:00

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