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ARCHIVE - Passport Control 1-41 - MEDIAWAVE Art Workshops :: PASSPORT CONTROL 19 - 2010 Kisharsány, Southern Hungary :: INTERNATIONAL PHOTO WORKSHOP




The summer camp of Passport Control Art Workshops moved to a new location last year, and this year it awaits those interested in photo, film and music again in Kisharsány. The village lies next to Villány, 20 km from Pécs and is renown for its winegrowing traditions. The new place has many challenges and opportunities on stock for beginners and advanced young photographers.


The village itself will provide for the spine of this year’s photography workshop, with trainers using it as a base in various ways. The leader of the workshop, Pettendi Szabó Péter will be available for the participants throughout the training, to discuss theory and practice of individual projects. Apart from that he will give a deeper insight into documentary photography through the topic of the camp "Roma is beautiful".
In the first four days, the participants will get to know archive photo methods by Imre Zalka, as well as try out some long-forgotten practices. The camp will provide for enthusiasts of digital photography too. During the four-day training of Attila Boltresz and Balázs Nagy, digital photo manipulation techniques will be presented close-up. Participants are to expect other ways of "manipulation", as Radu Igazság, a guest teacher of the camp, professor of the Bukarest University for Fine Arts and the head of its animation department will give an introduction into this genre.


Another interesting angle of this year’s camp is Portfolio Review, a two-day event hopefully able to attract professional attention also for the participants, which will provide a professional evaluation of young photographers' portfolios, between 6-7 August. On the first day, Judit M. Horváth and György Stalter will present their latest album and consult with those interested, in the afternoon Gábor Kapolka will follow with his course and consultation. Saturday will be devoted to portfolios entirely: the five members of the jury (Attila Boltresz, Judit M. Horváth, Gábor Kapolka, Péter Pettendi Szabó and György Stalter) and the audience will evaluate the applicants' portfolios and personally give an opinion on their work.


Head of workshop:
Péter Pettendi Szabó – photographer, teacher (documentary photography)

Attila Boltresz and Balázs Nagy (photo manipulation in applied photography)
Palo Markovic (black and white lab)
Imre Zalka (archive photo techniques)


The basic photo workshop provides the following:

- technical background and equipment
lab equipment, chemicals, photo paper

Attention: an own camera is required (whether analogue or digital)!
- raw material (limited)
2 rolls of black-and-white negative



Planned schedule of the training

Day 1: preparation day – technical basics lecture, training, black-and-white lab theory, archive photography lecture
Day 2: lectures on documentary photography, black-and-white lab practice, archive techniques practice
Day 3: black-and-white lab practice, archive techniques practice, individual project work
Day 4: archive photo techniques, working on projects, picture evaluation
Day 5: photo manipulation in applied photography lecture, working on projects, lab practice
Day 6: photo manipulation practice, working on projects, lab practice
Day 7: photo manipulation practice, working on projects, lab practice
Day 8: developing pictures, consultation on portfolios, picture evaluation, Portfolio Review lectures
Day 9: preparation for closing project, Portfolio Review


How to apply
Fill in an application form (www.passportcontrol.eu), by marking the field of interest or level of education, and e-mail it to passport.photo@mediawave.hu, along with a short CV (place, date of birth, schools, professional training if applicable), a photo (to display on the web), and a selection of 10 photos (longer side 1000 pixel). Please note that we cannot provide you with a camera, each participant will work with his or her own!


Deadline of applications with 20% discount: 10 June 2010


Participation fee (without accommodation and food):

HUF 30,000 (EUR 115) / person for 9 days until 15 June 2010
HUF 40,000 (EUR 155) / person for 9 days after 15 June 2010

The participation fee includes training, limited raw material, and the technical background and equipment.



- Bring another participant with you, your reduced fee is HUF 25.000 (EUR 100)

- for secondary school students, participation fee is HUF 25.000 (EUR 100)

The participation fee is payable at the arrival at the workshop.

If there are more than 15 applicants, the organizers will select participants, and reimburse the 50% deposit to those who were not selected.
In case of a low number of applicants, organizers reserve the right to cancel the workshop, and reimburse the 50% deposit to applicants.
The deposit cannot be reimbursed if the applicant does not show up, but the workshop takes place as planned.


Accommodation and food
The organizers will assist with the reservations for accommodation and food, if required.
You can also pay for a budget meal (lunch and dinner) for approx. HUF 1,400/person/day (EUR 5,2).

The rights for all materials made during the workshops (film, photo, music, visual work, writing) are reserved by MEDIAWAVE Foundation, which publishes these on its web archive, and can also enter them for competitions and festivals. The authors are allowed to enter their work for further competitions, but the foundation requires information about the entry, programme or prize, so that it can publish these on the data sheet of the work and its newspage.



Photos of last workshop

Feeling photos

PC 1-16 photos

Films from Photo Workshop 1 & 2 & 3